Does the Venus Factor Diet Really Work?

benefitvenusfactorIf you’ve been following all of the news outlets and online mania concerning the Venus Factor diet, you’re not alone.  In fact, you’re probably wondering if the Venus Factor diet really works or if it’s a scam like so many of the other weight loss programs for women out there on the Internet.  Well, wonder no more: the Venus Factor diet does not work—mainly because there is no such thing as the Venus Factor diet!


Why the Venus Factor Diet isn’t a Diet at All


venus-factor-no-backgroundThe problem is that we’re so conditioned to thinking that the only way to lose weight is through restrictive dieting and calorie counting.  We’re trained to think that we have to give up our favorite foods to lose weight.  To think that chocolate cake goes straight to our hips and fatty foods to our thighs.  That’s why when we hear about a program that successfully helps women shed the weight in all the right places, we automatically assume it’s a diet—hence the Venus Factor diet.


But the Venus Factor diet doesn’t exists.  It’s not a diet at all.  It’s simply the most effective way for women—from moms to grandmas—to get that classic hourglass figure like the most attractive Hollywood starlets of today have.


What is the Venus Factor Diet if it’s Not A Diet?


Womens-HealthSo, what is the Venus Factor then?  It’s a scientific weight loss program that relies on a formula between your Height to Waist Ratio (HWR), Waist to Hip Ratio (WHR) and Waist to Shoulder Ratio (WSR).  By figuring out your current body ratios and comparing them to your ideal “Venus” ratios, the system will crunch out a custom plan for your eating and exercise routine.  Wait, eating?


Yes, it’s still not a diet.  The Venus Factor diet isn’t restrictive in the old fashioned sense of the word.  In fact, you can still eat whatever you want, but you just might not want to after hearing why all of your other diets failed.


Venus Factor Diet and Leptin in the Female Body


doctorThe reason the Venus Factor works so well is that instead of restricting your carbs, proteins, sugars and fats, it focuses on Leptin.  You’ve probably never heard of a diet focusing on Leptin, though you’ve probably been on low-carb, low-sugar, low-fat diets—if any of them worked, you probably wouldn’t be here reading this!


Instead, focusing on Leptin focuses on the hormone in your body that regulates your weight, your metabolism, your hunger and your appetite.  If you’re overweight and struggling to lose weight and keep it off, chances are you have a resistance to Leptin.  That simply means that you need a system that takes that into account—The Venus Factor.


Leptin resistance results in the brain not getting the signal that you’ve had enough to eat which leads to more caloric intake, more fat in your diet and overall, more fat on your body.  But the Venus Factor diet focuses on fixing that problem by giving you a Virtual Nutrition software program and a fully customized chart to follow that will help you shed the weight fast and keep it off.


Where to Get the Venus Factor Weight Loss Program Risk Free


When you combine this powerful approach to nutrition and eating with the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises in the Venus Factor, you get the shortcut to an amazing standard of beauty that has held up for centuries: the Venus hourglass figure.  Before getting the Venus Factor risk free for 60-days,  take a look at our review right now and unleash your inner goddess.

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